Tarun Biswas

Associate Professor of Physics

picture of T. Biswas

Office: Room 274, Science Hall

Phone: (845) 257-3749

Office hours: (Fall 2023) Mondays and Thursdays, 2:15-3:15, Wednesdays 2:15-4:15.

Some of My Down-to-Earth Interests

Some of My More Esoteric Interests

Some "Normal" Courses I Have Taught

Some Unusual Courses I Have Taught

Some Lectures I Have Given

  • "Fairytales and Monkeywrenches -- Linear vs. Nonlinear Systems" (Vassar College , SUNY Geneseo and SUNY New Paltz).
  • "The Dark Side of Black Holes -- Myth and Reality" (Mid-Hudson Astronomy Association)
  • "Testing Theories of Gravity -- Newton, Einstein, Hawking" (Mid-Hudson Astronomy Association)
  • "Demystifying Quantum Physics -- Maybe" (Mid-Hudson Astronomy Association)
  • "The Marriage of Relativity and Quantum Physics" (Mid-Hudson Astronomy Association).
  • "Nonviolent Cosmology: No Big Bangs, Please!" (Mid-Hudson Astronomy Association).
  • "Black Holes and Red Herrings" (Dickinson College).

Dredging up the past

I received a masters degree in Physics (Fiber Optics) from the Indian Institute of Technology at New Delhi in 1978. The same year I went to Syracuse University (New York) for further studies. There I did another MS in Physics (1979). I continued at Syracuse University until 1984 when I completed both a PhD in Physics and a MS in Computer Science. Since then I have been at SUNY at New Paltz.