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bullet Xilinx ISE Tutorial
bullet Tutorial (to simulate and verify the design)
bullet Tutorial to Download to Digilab II Board
bullet Xilinx State Editor Tutorial
bullet ModelSim Tutorial
bullet Digital Logic Fundamentals
bullet Digital logic tutorial
bullet Combinational Logic Tutorial
bullet Latches and Flip flops


bullet Go here if you need software to view and print Postscript files
bullet Go here if you need software to view and print PDF files under Windows
bullet To download a demo version of  Electronic Workbench click on
bullet Texas Instruments Digital Logic Families




bullet Effective Communication -- D. Hopkins
bullet Presentation Guidelines
bullet Some basic hints and suggestion on breadboarding
bullet Detail of Digilab boards
bullet Digital Symbols (you may download it for your lab reports and homeworks)
bullet Printed Circuits Boards Engineering Students 2-layer PCB for just $33

bulletNourouz 1387 or Nourouz 1387