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Course Title: Senior Design Project
Course Number:
Credit: 4
Prerequisite: Senior Standing

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A requirement of graduation of this department is the completion and presentation of a Senior Design Project. Two courses, Senior Design I (2 credits) and Senior Design II (4 credits) serve this purpose. The objectives of Senior Design 1 are to select a work team and an appropriate project topic, do a literature search, prepare a work plan and write a preliminary report. Click here for a Senior Design 1 Syllabus. By the end of this course, the boundaries of the project are well defined and some preliminary design is made. In Senior Design 2, the faculty supervisor and the student team meet regularly to discuss the students? progress. Upon completion, each student team submits a senior design report and makes a public presentation of their work at a faculty/student seminar. Senior Design Projects within our department are predominantly teamwork and exhibit a diversity of approaches: hardware-based, software-based, combinations of hardware and software, industrial applications and faculty research support. Some senior design projects have been part of contractual projects between our department and local companies. Others have led to conference presentations and publications. Click here for a Senior Design 2 Syllabus.

Senior Design I

Senior Design II


Names Advisor Title Misc. Completion Date
Flipe Telles and Kayla Marchant Baback Izadi and Nitya Narasimhan Internet of Things (IoT): Snow - Sense - Automating Sensing and on-Demand Service Fullfillment Picture Spring 2017
Emerson Benn and Serena Hazaard Baback Izadi and Nitya Narasimhan ReaLock: A Smart Lockbox for the Internet of Things Picture Spring 2017
Alex Alderman and Daniel Putterman Baback Izadi and Nitya Narasimhan Smart Plug Pictures December 2016
Adesh N. Bhagirathy Baback Izadi Restaurant Online Menu and Order Processing System   December 2015
Kenny Pan and Mat Miccio Baback Izadi Home Automated Security System   May 2014
Paul Livorsi and Julian Santo Baback Izadi The Android Bluetooth Stobe-O-Tuner   May 2013
Daniel Kovar and Roberto Cavazos Baback Izadi End of Life Detector of LES Lighting Systems   December 2013
Carlos Anglas and Kenneth Iscaro Baback Izadi Note Detection: Developing an Android Application to Display Notes for Piano   Fall 2012
Patrick Cody, Nicholas Hulse, Frank Pfeifer, Benjamin Rounds Baback Izadi Electric Car Conversion   May 2011
Joshua Trow and Kevin Eiser Baback Izadi Design and Implementation of a Solar Sign Analysis System   May 2010
Aaron Varghese Baback Izadi Hardware Implementation of Triple Data Encryption and Decryption Standards   December 2008
Jose Gonzalez and Michael Teich Baback Izadi and Damu Radhakrishnan Comparative Analysis of Power and Speed Characteristics of Various Adders   May 2005
Nancy Trisjono, and Percy Yip Baback Izadi Digital Logic Web Tools   May 2005
Kenneth Lai and Philrose Pang Baback Izadi Design of Self-Navigating Mobile Robot   May 2004
Paul Chauvet Baback Izadi Design of a Home Automation and Security System   December 2003
Sebastien Lafaontant and Leonel Ramos Baback Izadi Pipelined 8-Bit RISC CPU in VHDL   May 2003
Patrick Gonzalez Baback Izadi Low Power Design for Portable Devices   2002
Matthew Synborski Baback Izadi Mattp3: A MP3 Interface Solution Using a Palm Pilot PDA   2002
Michael Buschmann Baback Izadi Design of a General 8-bit Microcontroller for FPGA Technology   2001
Charles Matula Baback Izadi Development of a Account-Based Model “The Quad”   2000
Jeremy Cooke Baback Izadi FPGA Based E/EPROM Programmer   2000


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